Investment Profile

In Germany, we primarily invest up to € 250 million in office, commercial and residential real estate, and up to € 500 million in portfolio transactions. Our risk profile ranges from Core+ to Value Add and Opportunistic. There are generally no restrictions with regard to year of construction, WALT or micro location. Investments can be realised as classic equity or Mezzanine investments. The acquisition of companies (with personnel) is also an option. The minimum volume for acquisitions is € 15 million per transaction.

In the Netherlands, our focus is on residential real estate from € 10 million (portfolios up to € 500 million). In addition to locations within the Randstad, we are also looking for properties in growing medium-sized cities (20,000 inhabitants or more) for all risk classes. We also invest selectively in commercial properties with a minimum volume of € 20 million up to € 500 million, preferably in the Core+ segment.

Investment markets Germany The Netherlands
Volume 20 – 500 million € (single and
portfolio Investments)
10 – 500 million €
Risk Profile from Core+ to Opportunistic from Core+ to Opportunistic
Investment locations – Top 7 (Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt,
Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf,
– B-markets (especially Dresden,
Leipzig, Hanover, Nuremberg,
Mannheim, …)
– Portfolios: Nationwide
Metropolitan areas/
University towns
from 20.000 inhabitants
Capital structure Equity, Mezzanine Equity
Sectors main focus: office

selective: residential, retail and business parks

main focus: residential
selective: office,
retail and business parks
Year of construction/
No restrictions No restrictions