Investment Profile

In Germany, we invest up to € 250 million in office, retail and residential assets, and up to € 500 million in portfolio transactions. Our risk profile ranges from core+ and value add to opportunistic.
In the Netherlands, our focus is on residential real estate from € 10 million (residential portfolios up to € 500 million). In addition to locations in the Randstad, we are also looking for properties in growing medium-sized cities (20,000 inhabitants and more) for all risk classes. We also invest selectively in office and retail properties from € 20 million (up to € 500 million), preferably in the core+ segment.

Investment markets Germany The Netherlands
Volume 20 – 500 million € (single and
portfolio Investments)
10 – 500 million €
Risk Profile from Core+ to Opportunistic from Core+ to Opportunistic
Investment locations – Top 7 (Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt,
Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf,
– B-markets (especially Dresden,
Leipzig, Hanover, Nuremberg,
Mannheim, …)
– Portfolios: Nationwide
Metropolitan areas/
University towns
from 20.000 inhabitants
Capital structure Equity, Mezzanine Equity
Sectors main focus: office

selective: residential, retail and business parks

main focus: residential
selective: office,
retail and business parks
Year of construction/
No restrictions No restrictions